Hili Studio


Hello and thanks for stopping by! 

My name is Hila, but you can call me Hili. 

Home for the last 10 years: Singapore (love it) with my husband and 2 awesome boys (love them more). Singapore is such a great little dot on our planet. 

Started Hili Studio: A few of years ago, after 40 hit me (hard).

A bit about me: I have always been into art and design. I studied some photography, fashion design, and I have a degree in Culinary Arts. Cooking has always been one of my greatest passions. I decided to leave the commercial kitchen when I became a mom. 

Best part of my job: That's easy... the workshops. I meet wonderful people by sharing my passion – how much better can it get? I really enjoy meeting so many amazing people, all of them creating beautiful pieces. Some are even inspired to start their own business.  

Working hours: Whenever the kids are in school and as long as we aren't traveling (the ocean is our happy place). 

My inspirations: They come from everywhere – my family, art, design, cooking & baking, Pinterest, memories, travel, friends, and dreams. 

My dream: To be able to create any idea that comes to my mind. 

Maybe one day: I will write a cookbook (cooking is a huge passion since I was 9 years old). 

XO, Hila